The best social media is the best social media platform that works for you. As a speaker and trainer of technology I can easily tell you that Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In should be used for all of your social media platforms. However, the truth is that each agent may want to consider their network outside of what we use on the internet.

If your network is your old friends from high school or college, Facebook might be a great place to start.   Facebook is also a great social media platform where we are actual social.  More than 80% of people that have actually heard of it, over 40%, have a profile.  Therefore, you are likely to find more friends or potential friends on Facebook.


Twitter on the other hand is great for branding.  More Twitter followers follow brands as opposed to people.  If you are an agent that is great at branding yourself, beyond your fabulous photo, twitter might be the social site for you. Become the expert in your area of expertise and gain more followers.


The place for a professional network online is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a great place to link up with old co-workers, business networks and past business employers.   An awesome place for agents that want to network professionally.


Of the top three social media sites it always pays to be social outside of the social media platforms.  This means go to office meetings, WCR events, YPN events local business meetings, state conventions and national conventions. If you’re not networking or social outside of the internet you may have a hard time connecting on social media.


Face to face is the best form of social networking.  So get out and network.  Then maintain your personal and professional social media networks online.