5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Love Smart Phones and Tablets

The way a real estate agent does business is changing faster than ever.  Our clients expect more, want it faster and expect a quick response.   Smart Phones make business productive for the Tech Savvy Real Estate Agent.   Today’s agents have the ability to check the multiple listing service, respond to email and follow up quickly with their clients.   Agents also have the ability to manage transactions, sign documents and manage an extremely busy schedule.  Yes, all from a smart phone or tablet.

The top reasons a real estate agent loves a smart phone and table are:

1.   Manage clients and service partners – the agent of 20th century has the ability to store clients, a referral network, friends and family all on a smart phone.  With apps like CamCardHD an agent can upload business cards and store contact information that can be accessed from a smart phone and later viewed on a tablet or laptop.

2.   Access documents with ease  – accessing completed documents, templates or editable documents can all be saved in google drive, DropBox, the SkyDrive, instanet solutions, pdf expert, Cartavi, Evernote and more.  With these programs an agent can email and or fax if necessary.

3.   Manage appointments – Most internet based email systems allow agents to manage their appointments using their smart phone calendars.  Agents can sync their calendars with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.  An easy way to make sure you never miss an appointment.   Their also apps agents can use to schedule tasks.   One app an agent might chose to use is the Errands To-Do-List.

4.   Social Media Marketing – From a smart any real estate can engage friends, clients, past clients and their networks using social media.   An agent can share helpful information quickly.  The goal of social media is to be social and be social quickly.   Social media can take up anyone’s time.   Make your post engage your network.   5 hours or less per week.

5.   Go Paperless – A smart phone makes it easy to go paperless.  Along with your iPad or droid tablet agents can show a home, fill out a contract, have the client sign, then present the offer to the listing agents without ever printing the document.    By going paperless you make it easy to find and store documents.   No need to print, handwrite, scan and copy.  Agents can get the job done all on their tablets.


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