I’m convinced I only need social media – Who needs email?

If you’re convinced you only need social media as a real estate agent you could be missing out on many other lead opportunities.  Don’t discount email and direct mail. Of course, I love social media.  It’s one of the best tools to keep in touch with friends, family, real time news, our favorite shops and so much more.   (I love DSW.com.)
Keep in mind your database is king.   If you don’t have one, shame on you.  If you aren’t updating and cleaning it up monthly, quarterly or at least annually you could be missing out on that one great real estate deal.  My database includes:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Cell number
  • Address
  • Phone number – if they have one – I use Magic Jack at home believe it or not.
  • Which of the people on your list love you, like you and will most likely refer you?  This is key!!!  Track those people separately on your database.
With your database you can build your social media presence, mail to your sphere of influence, reach those that don’t use it or re-direct them to your real estate website to shop for their future home.   If you don’t have a database, start one.  You may have a list and not even know it.  If you’re a member of MRED, LLC and use Connect MLS you most likely have a list of past clients, friends, family and investors already in a list format.   It’s easy to print mailing address with this system and send an e-blast to your entire database in minutes.  Connect MLS also allows agents to import and export a list.
Remember email and direct mail help real estate professionals generate leads, create new referrals and direct a potential client to our social sites, blogs and websites.   So, if you’re convinced you only need social media to build your business, think again.  Manage your mailing lists and email list so you can build a successful real estate business using social media, websites and blogs.

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