Consistency Pays Off – Back to the Basics for Real Estate Agents

Have you ever wondered how top agents become top agents?  How they are able to build a successful real estate business?  Could it be as simple as going to work every day?
Once you passed the State and Federal Licensing course and became a new real estate agent and probably didn’t realize that becoming a successful agent wasn’t as simple as you would have liked it to be.  I recently spoke to an agent that said, “I thought I just needed to sell 2 One Million Dollar homes and I would be set for the entire year.”  Little did she realize that she had to split that 6% commission 4 ways.  Some of you are already nodding your heads, “I thought the same thing.”
So what do top agents do better than the average Realtor®?  Here are a few tips that top agents utilize that can help you reorganize your business for the 2013 year.
1.       Think of real estate as your job – Yes, get up and go to work every day.  Plan out your entire 7 day week.  The hours you will work, show homes, take a day off, follow up, getting organized and going to your kids events.  Yep, I mean schedule everything you do.  When you worked for a Monday – Friday job you showed up and had a list of things to accomplish every day.  If you’re not doing this you are most likely not accomplishing as much as you could.
2.       Set goals – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.  Reward yourself when you reach a goal.
3.       Set time for lead generation – If you are a member of MRED use Realist to generate leads. From target marketing, pre-foreclosure lists, off market listings and so much more.
4.       Go on Broker Tours – If you don’t know your market start pre-viewing the new listings. What a great way to learn the neighborhood, meet other realtors, recruit for WCR J, and get comfortable walking around home.
5.       Visit your area City Websites – Find out what’s happening in your communities.  Who is the mayor of the city you live in?  Quiz – Do you even know?  If you don’t that’s your homework today.
6.       Follow up day – A day to you follow up with your buyers and sellers – Top agents have great follow up skills
7.       Networking – WCR is a great way to network with affiliates and other realtors.  Also consider your Chamber of Commerce, PTO meetings, local networking events.  Not sure where they are?  Try
8.       Do you have a special skill – Yes, set yourself apart from the average agent.  That skill could be cooking, architecture, the gift of gab.  Whatever it is USE IT!
9.       Social Media –Top agents use the latest technology with old school systems to build their businesses.  If you aren’t using it the next generation is.  They don’t answer the phone, but they do answer Facebook, Twitter and Text.  Learn how to use it!
10.    Direct mail – Yes, keep using direct mail.   I don’t care if it’s only $20 bucks a month.
11.    Do you have an annual budget?  – If not, create one and stick to it.  Build in advertising costs and the WCR Meetings.
12.    Database management – If I asked you “how many people do you have in your Client Relationship Management system could you tell me?”  If not, start organizing your clients.  If you are a Realtor® ConnectMLS has a great Prospecting tool.
These are just a few things you can do to get started.  Building a successful real estate business won’t happen overnight.  However, a well planned out business with great follow through will be successful.  Remember top agents show up for work every day.  They stick to their plans.  Keep this in mind, “if it’s going to be it’s up to me.” Robert. H. Schuller.

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