Carrie’s iPad Apps

There are so many apps to choose from. To make it easy I am going to share the top  real estate apps that I currently use for my real estate business.

1. Panorama – great for taking wide lens photos. Seems your photo together to give a wide lens view.

2. Realtor Member Guide – great for keeping up with the national, state, and local updates.

3. NAR Express – real estate industry updates.

4. Dropbox – a great place to store your documents

5. Trulia Agent – any time a prospect fills out the form on Trulia with any of your listings you get the lead on your iPad.

6. Animoto – Create free 30 second videos with text, photos and music in minutes from your iPad or computer.

7. Errands – Create folders of things to do for each client.  Never forget a task again.

8. Open Home – track your leads at an open house.  Sign in clients with your iPad.

9. MOReToGo – Main Street Organization of realtors

10. Midwest Homes – MLS app for agents in Northern Illinois.  Agents have the option to sign in to get agent information and showing instructions.  It doesn’t replace the full version of the MLS but it does help when you are out showing property and a client sees a home and you want to quickly check out the price and listing information.

11. DocuSign – A quick and easy way to get documents signed.  No more running around to get a document signed.  Also works great when a client is on vacation or lives in another state. A must have.  Agents that are members of MREd have free integration.  Complete a contract on Connect MLS and click e-sign.

12. Puffin– an iPad app browers that works with FLASh – a must have for realtors that use Realist and The Thing.

There are so many apps to choose from.  You may find apps that work better for your business.  As a tip make sure you download your company app.  Also test the real estate apps that your client may be using to search for homes. (ie:, Trulia, Redfin, Midwest Homes) This way when a client prefers those apps over your company app you know why.  I have a client that loves REDFIN because she can see when it goes under contract.

Remember to search the app store for more real estate apps or apps that will help you with your business.  A quick way to instantly go paperless.


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