Group Me – My new Favorite App

Group Me is my new favorite app.   Of course, it’s not new to my kids.  I think I should check in with the middle schoolers periodically to find out the latest tech trends.   I was introduced to Group Me by one of my old friends from Grade school.  Yep, I still keep in touch with my Grade school friends.  One night a few weeks ago, there were at least 10 of us that met for dinner in the Lombard area.    Verona mentioned the app as a way to communicate with specific groups.  This was a great way for all of us to stay in touch with our busy lives.  Verona, actually uses the tool at work with different team members.

Some of you might think why not “Facebook”?  Well, believe it or not a few of my friends have not joined Facebook and “Group Me” allows all of us to communicate in a group via text messaging.

Group Me allows the user to create specific groups.  From family, work, play, board member groups and more.  What a great way to communicate with the Real estate agents in your office, PTO members, Sport Parents to just suggest a few.   Think out of the box and make this app work for you!   I love the app for my Family!


For more information Check out the GroupMe Blog


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