Are you a content creator?

Real estate agents find new ways to generate leads while sticking with the traditional lead generator tools.   In today’s real estate business agents need to take on the idea of integrating old school with the new.   Consider the following as you reinvent your marketing campaigns:

1.  Continue to work with direct mail. Know your target market and build a strong campaign that will generate leads

2. Update your social media platforms often.  If you have a new title, expertise or designation add it to your about me sections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.   Google+ is one of the best social media platforms.  Think about it!  Google+ is owned by Google.   If you are building this social site you are building your digital footprint on Google.

3. Add your social media web links to your direct mail pieces.   Invite people to connect with you.   Interact with your clients, potential clients and network in an online environment.

4. Let them know that you are the expert.  Create good “simple” content.   Content doesn’t have to be over thought.   Tell your visitors what’s happening in your cities you work and live in.  Become the news.   


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