Customer Experience Metrics for Real Estate Agents

Customer Experience Marketing Analytics for REALTORS®

What Metrics should an Agent track to determine the best customer experience?  Agents all use different forms of marketing to succeed in Real Estate.   I selected 4 areas that I believe an agent might analyze.    The customer experience will be different for each area.

 1.  Direct mail

When we use Direct Mail to generate leads it can often be difficult to track.  Using postcards or letters to reach a potential customer we are hoping that the person handling the mail will actually read it and make a decision.  Today when we go to the mail box to pick up mail, even I head straight for the recycling bin.  If the customer does call agents needs to track where the lead was generated from. Most Real Estate agents are usually focused on getting the lead then they are tracking where the lead came from.  Whenever you get a lead via email or phone always ask, “How did you hear about me”?  By asking the question and adding the lead to your CRM with a Direct Mail tag you will be able to track if Direct mail works for you.

 2. Website

Does your website provide the ability to track visitors?  Can a potential buyer or seller freely shop for properties? Or does your site require sign up to pre-view listings?   If potential buyers and sellers have the ability to freely shop you could be missing out on potential leads.  Make sure you can track which pages are viewed most and create a way to have the visitor sign up to receive listings or information.   If your website doesn’t provide CTR, Click Through Rate, talk to your website manager to incorporate CTR.   Otherwise, you have no idea if people are actually coming to your website.

 3. Social Media

Social Media is a great way to engage a potential customer.   The key to a good customer experience is engagement.  If you aren’t actively engaging your future buyers and sellers then you are missing out on great opportunity for an interative customer experience.  When an agent uses social media tracking a lead should be easy.  Most of our friends refer business via private messaging on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The most used social media sights today.   Other lead opportunities on social media are using paid advertising to specifically target different groups.  My favorite way to track this platform is by using a lead capture form that lets someone sign up to receive information.

 4. E-newsletters and e-cards

Every agent may want to consider having a good database.  A database is the key to your success.   When you have a list of people like friends, family, sphere of influence, past clients, current clients and those that are likely to refer you an agent has an opportunity to send monthly newsletters via email.  These newsletters keep the agent in the forefront of their database.   By using e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays your database will also know that you remember them during the important times of the year creating an effective customer experience.   Adding an e-newsletter and e-cards are great but make sure the product you choose has analytics that track CTR (click thru rate).  If people aren’t clicking you either need, better content, a new database, or a better e-blast, CRM, system.

All of the above are great ways to generate leads.  Whether you choose to use all 4 or just one make sure to keep track of every lead generated.   However, the most important key to your success in making sure you have a really good CRM, Client Relationship Management product.  By tracking how each lead is captured in January you can adjust and focus on the lead generator that works best for your business.

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