Why is Customer Loyalty Important for REALTORS®

Customer Loyalty is extremely important to real estate agents.   Loyal customers for a real estate agent are like GOLD.  Loyal customers will continue to refer business to that agent over and over again.  So how can an agent create a loyal fan, customer, or customer database?

  1. Selling houses is easy but taking care of a client above and beyond what’s expected is also important to the transaction. When an agent does more than the expected the client is likely to refer business to you. (Click to view One of my recent sales, Vincent still can’t believe he owns a home in America)
  2. To create loyalty real estate agents need a good CRM tool to track current, past and future clients. It’s also important to rate the groups in your CRM.  By the following
    1. Who is the most likely to refer to you
    2. Who will refer if asked
    3. Who will use you again if they remember you
    4. Who should just be removed from your database
  3. When you know this key information then staying in front of the client becomes an important part of your business. By incorporating direct mail, social media, hand written note cards and e-mail marketing into your Customer Loyalty program your database will remember you.  Many agents often have client parties for their database also known as a Sphere of Influence. Others host a house warming for their new buyers to generate buzz and customer loyalty.   You buyers will appreciate the fact that you hosted their event and never forget it.

Getting this right is up to each agent and their teams.  There are many agents that use systems to keep their clients engaged with a variety of content marketing.     Each month I send out a mailer to my database of clients that are likely to refer business to me.   In addition to direct mailers, I encourage my clients to follow me on my social media platforms by including the direct links in my marketing.   By creating content that engages my database they will always remember when it’s time to buy or sell real estate.

When agents create customer loyalty programs they build a business that will continue to bring in new buyers and sellers no matter how the market changes.

“When business is good it pays to advertise;

when it is bad you have got to advertise”

– Red Auerbach


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