Social Media Marketing Plan for AGENTS

1. Select the time of day to share on Social Media

There is no cookie cutter method to social media marketing.  Selecting the right time to share or post on social media is key to a successful real estate social media marketing plan.     The best times of day to post can often depend on your followers or customer personas.   Millennials are on social media all day using their mobile apps.  About 60% of mobile users are accessing their social media sites throughout the day.   So when are the best times to share on Social Media?

2. Choose your content

Many agents have no idea where to begin when adding content to their Facebook Business pages.   But if you take a few minutes to think about the real estate industry I am sure you can come up with information you want others to know about Real Estate.   Here are a few tips for choosing content.

  • Use statistics from your MLS to share city specific data
  • Share industry specific information
  • House Logic has a FREE REALTOR content driven website – You’ll need your NRDS#
  • How about information you receive from your Board, NAR and your REALTOR Magazine
  • Do you know your local city events, farmers markets and building programs
  • Facebook and Hootsuite allow future scheduling.   Plan your social content posts.

There is no excuse.   Become the industry expert on social media

3. Follow up is key

Make sure you have the Facebook and Facebook Pages apps on your smart phone, tablet or iPad.  By using these apps you can respond to real estate questions in a real time format when you say “Yes” to push notifications.

4. Engage your followers

Are you an expert at networking?  Are you good at talking on the phone?   Are you a good writer?  If you can do any of the above you can engage your followers.   Talk to your Facebook friends, family, network and Fan Page Likes.  When your followers post make a comment, Click LIKE or send a private message.  Of course, if it’s someone’s birthday.  Say “Happy Birthday.”  By doing these simple steps for engagement you can increase your social presence and let your “Facebook Sphere” know that you exist.

5. Review your Analytics

Facebook Pages has an Insights section so you can track your followers:

  • Reach – Agents can track their organic and paid reach
  • Visits – Who is visiting your page and how are they getting to your page. Do you have special pages on your Facebook page?  You can track those visits as well.
  • Posts – When are your followers online
  • People – Who are your followers? Below is an actual chart of my Real Estate followers.

Everyone can build a Social Media Marketing plan.   I recommend starting with Facebook.  Facebook is still the most used Social Media Site in front of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.  Join me at the MORe #TechFest2014 to build your Facebook Real Estate Fan Pages.

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