The Next Best Real Estate Product

The Next Best Real Estate Product might be the one your Multiple Listing Service or Brokerage is already offering.  Before you invest in a new product, STOP, WAIT and talk to your managing broker.  You may already have the best software at your fingertips.

1. Are you looking for a new CRM product?  Check out your MLS tools and your brokerage tools.   Your company is most likely providing an awesome product that you haven’t taken advantage of.

2. Did you say, “I want to go paperless?”  If so, your MLS might have a paperless product.   Today, the trend to go paperless is effecting ever brokerage.   Many  real estate offices have already already invested in a paperless product.  The office manager or assistant is scanning your documents and using a paperless tool to free up space.  If you don’t believe me check out the new office trends.  Many offices have reconfigured the space.  Smaller spaces mean less storage space.  Therefore, you’re probably storing your documents in your basement or the trunk of your car.

3.  Training – Every real estate company is required to offer training for their agents.  Show up and learn.  If your office has training attend the session.  Learn something new and incorporate it into your business. Get your files out of the car and use a paperless product today!


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