Real Estate Networking with a Purpose on Social Media

Are you using social media on purpose? Or are you just logging in and watching from the sideline?  Is your purpose to have as many followers, likes, groups, friends or connections as possible?  If this is your ultimate purpose for social media you’re going about the process all wrong.  Think about it, if you’re at a networking event is your goal to collect as many business cards as possible?  If you answered yes, then your new connections may not be great connections.   Just as with social events the goal is to find mutual benefits. Have a conversation and connect with that person and remember not everyone you meet will be a good connection.

peoplenetworkingWith this in mind, why are we trying to have as many connections on social media as possible? It’s not your job to keep up with everyone.  Your job as a professional is to keep up with a network that can help you with your business and you help with their business.  Just because Facebook allows 5000 friends doesn’t mean you need them.  If you receive a new follower on Twitter doesn’t mean you should follow them right back. Do you want to be a leader or a follower?  On linkedin are you connecting with Real Estate agents or are you searching for good connections?  Here are few tips on networking with a purpose on social media:

  1. Search for past co-workers, alumni, friends from the past, current friends, past clients, people you currently do business with, family, and professionals that help your industry. (inspectors, attorneys, landscapers, loan officers, etc.)
  1. Find Businesses and Organizations you’re interested in and connect.
  1. If you meet someone in person connect on social media. If we meet in person I’ll connect with you from a business card or during the event.  However, if you connect with me without a photo I am not as likely to connect right away.  A photo reminds me of who you are.
  1. Connect with Trend Setters and Industry Leaders. Not just your own industry.
  1. Become a thought leader and share your own content. Not sure what to write?  Write about your market place.  Share market statistics and trends.  Write about what’s happening in your communities and your expertise.  If you’re an expert on relocation write about the difficulties of relocation and how you help with the transition.
  1. Engage with your social media followers. Don’t just share your listings.  Do comment and chat with your followers about their posts and needs.  Ask a question to encourage engagement.
  1. When you connect with people on social media remind them of how you met.
  1. Be available to have a conversation or remember to respond to the private and public messages.
  1. Time is your friend with networking. Don’t expect to grow the network in a day.
  1. Engage with your followers before asking for the sale.  Don’t blindly ask.   Send requests privately and make those requests personal.     I see so many connections immediately hit me with the sales pitch after we connect.  That will make me disconnect!

Use these quick tips to build a network with a purpose.  Be intentional, think about what you are sharing and remember to put your best foot forward.  In the non-digital world, first impressions are important and just as important on Social media.   Social media networking on purpose!  The best way to build your network in the social world!


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