Build Your Business and WCR Chapter with Google Apps

Of all the tools available Google’s products are a great way to manage your Women’s Council of REALTOR® Chapter and your real estate business.  If you missed the WCR live webinar click now and log into the WCR site to watch the recorded webinar.  These are the tools that will allow an easy transition with chapter leadership and tools for your real estate business.

Google Voice – Create a Google phone number and forward that number to your chapter leadership.  Reassign the number each year.  This way your team doesn’t have to make one person responsible for taking the calls.  Everyone can receive a text, phone call and check voicemail.   A great way to keep your marketing materials consistent.

Google Drive – Your online filing cabinet.  Keep all chapter documents in an online filing cabinet share with the leadership team and make your chapter paperless.

Google Sheets – Google’s version of a spreadsheet.  Keep your affiliate lists, Business plan & annual report in one place.  Update from your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Google+ – Google’s social media platform.  A great way to share chapter events, real estate content, build member circles and hangouts.  A hangout allows the chapter to have live business meetings with leadership.  Great for a real estate business.  Mobile offices can have a business meeting from anywhere.

Google Docs- Google’s document product.  With this tool your chapter can take board meeting minutes and share them with the group immediately.  Get rid of the paper and take back your time.  Once the document is complete you leave the meeting without a task!

There are many tools available to build a better chapter and business.  Pick one and start using it today.  Remember to create an account at

Find your apps in the top right hand corner of Google.  Google App Location


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