Blab! The Next Tool in Live Streaming. REALTORS®, Are You Ready for Live Web Education?

Carrie and Marki on BlabBlab, a new Live Streaming tool launched as a beta tool in April of this year.   This new social tool is changing they way we communicate.  Users can sign up with Twitter and begin broadcasting LIVE immediately or plan 30 days in the future.

For the past 22 days I’ve been watching random “Blabs” to see what users are sharing.  So far I’ve determined that there are experienced marketers that really understand the concept of early adoption and utilizing the tool to build their personal and business brands.  My take aways from our first blab.

  1. Sign in a few minutes early to check sound (yes, we can all hear and see you.)
  2. Open the seat for your guest
  3. I recommend telling your followers who you are and then introducing your guest
  4. Remind your followers how to give a High Five and ask questions in the chat tool
  5. If you want to use the video or audio later remember to click record

Marki Lemons-Ryhal and Carrie Bey-Little

  • /question or /q to call out a question.
  • /topic to change the topic
  • /shrug or /tableflip to express yourself. 😉
  • To add a picture or emoji use the link

Join Marki Lemons-Ryhal and I every Thursday on blab.  Our next blab is Monday, September 14th, at 4pm CST.  Everyone is welcome and we are sure our tips will translate into almost any small business. Click now for our upcoming Blab. E-signatures for real estate agents. Electronic signatures are changing the way we do business.


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