Actually Compete with High Tech Tools for Real Estate

Electronic signatures are changing the way we do business.  Agents have the ability to produce faster offers, complete listing paperwork quickly and work with clients all over the United States.  Below are my quick tips on how to compete with high tech e-signature tools.  Invest in an e-signature product today.

  1. Produce Contracts quickly— Have you ever been in a situation where you are sure you might end up in a multiple offer? If so, e-signatures are a great way to write an offer and get it signed in minutes.  Use templates to stay ahead of the competition
  2. Legible Documents— Using digital tools will provide legible documents. Get rid of the fax machine and scanner.  Using an e-signature tool provides the power to product clean
  3. Save Time & Money— no more running all over town to get documents signed. Send your contracts, disclosures and listing documents as a package.   Send the documents to signers In order.  Buyer 1, Buyer 2, buyer’s agent.
  4. Record Management—Makes retrieving a document easy. Tracks access, who signed and where they signed a document.
  5. Security—Tracks documents with a secure key. As long as you are using a product that provides certification.
  6. E-signatures are safe and legal— UETA Uniform Electronic Transactions ACT. ESIGN ACT Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce ACT.  Washington, New York and Illinois  have their own Acts.
  7. Assist out of State buyers and sellers—Are you working with investors, clients that live out of state, or clients that travel. E-signatures are a great way to complete documents without having to send an overnight package.
  8. Home Path and Home Steps and E-signatures – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will accept e-signatures.  However, make sure your client understands that if they chose e-signatures they must use e-signatures for the duration of the contract and future documents.




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