Revolutionary Tips to Farming Off-Market Leads

Off Market leads are a great way to generate new business or should I say, “New Listings”. Off market leads include cancelled or expired property previously listed in the multiple listing service. Agents that truly target off market leads are extremely consistent with their marketing. Ways to located off market properties include:

  1. Take advantage of your MLS off market search options to search for properties that expired or were cancelled.
  2. Expired properties expire at midnight. If you’re a night person check the list at night.
  3. Listing agents are often strategic when it comes to when a property might expire. I love the holidays.  From December 31, 2015 to January 2, 2016 I found 2094 expired properties in the MLS I am currently a member.  When I searched cancelled properties from August 15th, 2015 to September 30th, 2015 I was able to find 13,774 properties that were most likely strategically taken off the market.  Once our children go back to school in the fall, families decide to wait to sell.
  4. Are you using a tool called “Realist” owned by CoreLogic? Take advantage of this tool. You can download a mailing list in minutes.  Labels and a spreadsheet that can shared with your marketing department.
  5. Consider searching for expired properties daily. Many home owners are unaware that their home is off the market.

Marki Lemons-Ryhal and I shared our tips on Blab.  Watch the replay now.

Now that you have a new lead generating list here are a few ways to market to that potential seller

  1. Send a hand written note. Yes, it’s that simple. I would open a handwritten note faster than a letter that appears to be marketing.
  2. Create a direct mail
Information on the market Statistics on market time Has the market improved? If so, tell the seller in a DM piece
Tips to prepare for the next market or Spring market How to sell during the Holidays. Share relevant content in your Direct Mail Campaign then share the same content on social media.
Provide a Free download using If you aren’t great with stats consider CoreFact
  1. Integrate your social media in your direct mail marketing.
  2. Take advantage of the new Cloud CMA Lead generation tool. What’s my home worth.  It will only work with your MLS for the area the MLS supports.  Click to view my link.  If you fill it out “I WILL GET A LEAD” J  Check out my lead generation tool and then create your own from Cloud CMA.  Don’t have it?  Go to
  3. Cold Calling is not dead. Just don’t ask me to do it!  If you decide to cold call I recommend that you leave a message and provide at least three ways to be contacted Ie: phone, text or email.  Agents are hanging up.  If you are calling a cell phone we can how many times you called.  By the time the potential lead answers the phone you will definitely find out that you won’t get that listing.
  4. Remember “Stay consistent”. It’s taking 6 to 8 touches to generate a sale. In our case lead.


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