Carrie’s Classes

The Fastest Way to Create Content – Social Media

Are you tired of sharing everyone else’s content on Social Media?

72% of Americans have used some type of sharing or online service.

It’s extremely important to be found online.  Today’s consumer wants to be involved in researching when selecting a home, agent or loan officer.  If you can’t be found online, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers.  Position yourself as the industry expert.

Class objective

  1. How to find content
  2. How to create images, blogs and short articles with your content
  3. How to use content in video, live streaming, podcasts or have it transcribed
  4. Are you afraid of video or audio? I’ll show you how to prepare for broadcasting

Customize this class – 1 to 2 hours (Non-CE)

The Paperless Office – 5 Areas to help your office go paperless

Paperless offices are changing the way we organize and design our offices.  By taking your office paperless you can save space and create an inviting space for your clients.  The average cost for paper with a fortune 500 company is over $4 million dollars. Imagine the cost savings if you took your business paperless.    Going paperless gives you and your staff access to documents in minutes from a smartphone, table or laptop.

Class objective:

  • The fastest way to go paperless without feeling overwhelmed.
  • The Best e-signature products for real estate
  • Choosing a paperless filing cabinet
  • Learn how to save your documents without misplacing a document.
  • 1 Customize this class – 1 to 2 hours (Non-CE)

Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram is the social media app of choice for millennials and the i-generation.  This photo and video sharing app gives agents the ability to share their listings, city information, infographics and more.

Class objective:

  • Building an Instagram following
  • Becoming an influencer
  • The importance of #hashtags on Instagram.
  • Best complimenting apps for Instagram
  • Using video on Instagram.

Customize this class – 1 to 2 hours (Non-CE)

How to Dominate and generate Leads on Facebook

Although our kids may not be using Facebook it’s still the #1 social media platform used by direct and social media marketers.  Facebook allows agents to engage with their clients on a personal page, business page and in groups.

Class objective:

  • Adding lead capture tools
  • Why Facebook Live is more important than video
  • Organic vs paid followers
  • Yes, you must pay for ads on Facebook. But when should you start?
  • The best times to share on Facebook
  • Learn how to reach your target market

Customize this class – 1 to 2 hours (Non-CE)

Snapchat for Real Estate

If you’re not already using Snapchat, you may want to get familiar with the mobile app.  Snapchat is a mobile video, photo and live chat app that now allows live calls between contacts.  Snapchat has roughly 25 million users in the U.S.  77% of college students are using the app and 58% of these students are likely to use a coupon offered via the app.  Snapchats focus is on 1 to 10 second snaps that self-destruct after being viewed.

Class objective:

  • Start using snapchat for personal and business
  • How to build a story around your business or theme
  • Using filters to build awareness of your brand
  • Downloading a repurposing your content from snapchat to other social platforms
  • The social app of choice for millennials, college students and the next generation.

Customize this class – 1 to 2 hours (Non-CE)

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel.  The purpose of inbound marketing focuses on creating content that directs people toward your company and product.  The place where we want our potential clients.  Lead pages is a platform that allows a business to collect leads and customer contacts from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email.

Course objective:

  • Understand how and when to use a lead page
  • Use lead pages to capture potential leads
  • Use lead page to build a data base
  • Use lead pages to allow your potential clients the ability to download relevant content.

The Changing Buyer

Each year real estate agents work to generate new leads.  As a real estate professional in order to generate quality leads it’s important to understand trends in the industry and demographics. From January 2008 to April 2012 Northern Illinois experienced a decline in sales prices, pre-foreclosures and bank owned sales.  When you understand trends you’ll understand where to place your marketing efforts.

Course objective

  • The traits of each generation.
  • When we understand how each generation works we learn how to work with these groups.
  • Who is likely to purchase and what type of home are the looking to purchase.
  • What is the best property to sell in your areas?
  • How technology affects the future buyer

Continuing Education Classes  – Authored by Carrie J. Bey-Little

  1. Social Media & License Law “Can I Really Share it?” Continuing Education

The goal of this course is to help Broker Owners, Managing Brokers and Real Estate Brokers:

  • Make good choices with social media
  • Protect the interest of the client
  • Avoid Fraud
  • Understand the drawbacks to Social Media for your brokerage, the managing broker and, you, the agent
  • Understand Benefits of Social Media for your brokerage, the managing broker and, you, the agent
  • Best practices for advertising and marketing on social media
  • Sponsored licensee’s and their responsibilities with social media
  • How to protect your firm

Approved IAR Course

  1.  Cloud Storage & e-signatures, “Whether I use it or Not it’s here to Stay!” – Continuing Education

The goal of this course is to help Broker Owners, Managing Brokers, and Brokers

  • Define electronic signatures
  • Are electronic signatures Real?
  • How electronic signatures work in our businesses
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks to e-signatures
  • Understand cloud storage—Where is the cloud?
  • How to store documents and how long you need to store documents
  • Short Sales and REO sales as they apply to e-signatures and Cloud Storage

Approved IAR Course

  1. Digital Marketing & Analytics

The purpose of this course is to help real estate professionals build great content with the tools they use every day while understanding

  • The concept of Digital Marketing
  • The psychology of internet marketing
  • Current updates and developments with digital marketing
  • Google analytics and trends
  • How to interpret data from your marketing efforts
  • Managing your client database or CRM
  • Big data and why it matters
  • Social Media marketing—Integrated
  • Advertising, License Law and Fair Housing
  • Internet security and our data

Approved IAR Course

New courses for 2018 – coming soon

It’s all about the data!  Stop Aiming for nothing and know your target market.  CE

Social Media for the Commercial & Global Real Estate Agent – CE

Right Now Marketing – Live Streaming & Video for Real Estate – CE

Everything You Need to Know About Google – CE

Manage your business, your office and the transaction.  CE

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