Virtual Office 101

Working from home is nothing new for REALTORS. However, using virtual tools, learning via zoom and showing homes without a client has become the new normal. How can agents make the adjustment today?

10 Reasons to go Paperless

Have you ever needed a document while on vacation? How about when you are out of the office or showing a house and your buyer wants to write and offer? You call the office and the office admin is too busy to send you the necessary documents. Or better yet, you are in the office … Continue reading 10 Reasons to go Paperless

10 Reasons Why REALTORS® Should Consider E-Signatures

Carrie’s Top 10 Reasons to Consider E-Signatures If you don't embrace the new technology you may lose out on opportunities to list and sell—the difference between multiple offers and the only offer! Electronic Signatures are Legal in all 50 States. Choose a platform that has certification.  Proof of e-signature. Don't force the technology on a non-tech … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why REALTORS® Should Consider E-Signatures