Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Stop second guessing yourself! It’s time to get serious about the real estate business and get out of our comfort zones. We are typically afraid to go after business for many reasons.  Before working in real estate, I worked a regular job and that job provided a “paycheck”.  When you receive a paycheck for your … Continue reading Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Remain Relevant During a Crisis

If not now, when?  If not when, how?  On March 15th the State of Illinois was told we will need to “Shelter in place” or “Stay at Home” to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  As real estate professionals or entrepreneurs, staying at home is almost unheard for in our industry.  We are always in … Continue reading Remain Relevant During a Crisis

It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

In order to have the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, I had to take real estate seriously.  I had to learn the business and take ownership of learning it.  So I did, I became not just a REALTOR, I became a student of real estate.  If I needed information I made sure I was in the … Continue reading It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

3 Brokers Walk Into a Bar

Professionalism, training hurdles, commissions, and sales meeting incentives were among the hot topics in this first-in-a-series chat with broker-owners. January - February 2019 - by Erica Christoffer What happens when you bring together a group of broker-owners to dish about the business and share ideas for addressing common problems? For this chat, the first in a … Continue reading 3 Brokers Walk Into a Bar

What Do You Really Want?

Everyone wants something out of life.  It might be success, a new job, a vacation, more money, flexibility or maybe to reach a childhood dream.  In order to get what you really want we have to change our thinking.  To complete our journeys, we need to reassess where we are today.   It’s often hard to … Continue reading What Do You Really Want?