What’s Next for Real Estate Agents

Ask yourself these questions. If real estate agent sales did not exist the way it exists today, how would you continue selling real estate?  What would you do differently?  What would you add to your business?  And how would you differentiate yourself from every other agent or brokerage? Many agents need to take a moment … Continue reading What’s Next for Real Estate Agents

Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Stop second guessing yourself! It’s time to get serious about the real estate business and get out of our comfort zones. We are typically afraid to go after business for many reasons.  Before working in real estate, I worked a regular job and that job provided a “paycheck”.  When you receive a paycheck for your … Continue reading Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Remain Relevant During a Crisis

If not now, when?  If not when, how?  On March 15th the State of Illinois was told we will need to “Shelter in place” or “Stay at Home” to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  As real estate professionals or entrepreneurs, staying at home is almost unheard for in our industry.  We are always in … Continue reading Remain Relevant During a Crisis

Virtual Office 101

Working from home is nothing new for REALTORS. However, using virtual tools, learning via zoom and showing homes without a client has become the new normal. How can agents make the adjustment today?

It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

In order to have the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, I had to take real estate seriously.  I had to learn the business and take ownership of learning it.  So I did, I became not just a REALTOR, I became a student of real estate.  If I needed information I made sure I was in the … Continue reading It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

Are you a new agent? Ask a lot of questions!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently and what questions would you ask? This year will be my nineteenth year in the real estate business.  When I started selling real estate in 2001, my goal was to just make enough money to supplement my family’s income.  I wanted the ability … Continue reading Are you a new agent? Ask a lot of questions!

Are you motivated by what you see? 

In today’s social world we are exposed to so much content it’s hard to keep up.  We know more about our friends, family and neighbors than anyone ever cared to know.  Information is at our fingertips in seconds.  I can find out information on just about anyone or business, on any social media platform right … Continue reading Are you motivated by what you see? 

10 Reasons to go Paperless

Have you ever needed a document while on vacation? How about when you are out of the office or showing a house and your buyer wants to write and offer? You call the office and the office admin is too busy to send you the necessary documents. Or better yet, you are in the office … Continue reading 10 Reasons to go Paperless

Amazon Go! Will there be a Real Estate Go?

Amazon Go is changing the way we shop It’s all about speed for the consumer.  What does this mean for the real estate.  I’ve been saying this since years, making technology a part of your routine and learning process is crucial for the real estate agent’s success. I have the opportunity to educate agents all over the United States and I am deeply concerned for the agents that won’t embrace technology.  The Consumer wants it now and if you think the “Go” world won’t affect our industry, just wait. 

The Top 7 Reasons We Don’t Act on Social Media!

Acting is often the easiest step to take when starting something new.  So, why won’t we ACT?  There are many reason we don’t act or simply start.   When I educate agents on social media and digital marketing, the comments I hear include: Carrie, “I’m just too old.” “I don’t want everyone to see my personal … Continue reading The Top 7 Reasons We Don’t Act on Social Media!