Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Stop second guessing yourself! It’s time to get serious about the real estate business and get out of our comfort zones. We are typically afraid to go after business for many reasons.  Before working in real estate, I worked a regular job and that job provided a “paycheck”.  When you receive a paycheck for your … Continue reading Your Comfort Zone Makes You Average

Remain Relevant During a Crisis

If not now, when?  If not when, how?  On March 15th the State of Illinois was told we will need to “Shelter in place” or “Stay at Home” to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  As real estate professionals or entrepreneurs, staying at home is almost unheard for in our industry.  We are always in … Continue reading Remain Relevant During a Crisis

It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

In order to have the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, I had to take real estate seriously.  I had to learn the business and take ownership of learning it.  So I did, I became not just a REALTOR, I became a student of real estate.  If I needed information I made sure I was in the … Continue reading It’s Time to Take Learning Seriously

Digital Marketing Assessment for Real Estate Agents

Whether your building a personal brand, reinventing yourself, generate quality leads or trying to be relevant in this social world we must first answer simple questions before developing a digital marketing strategy for your business.  With all the technology available real estate professionals must step back and define what they want out of digital marketing. … Continue reading Digital Marketing Assessment for Real Estate Agents

The Instagram Story Take Over Event

Join me July 14th, 2018 at 8:30am to learn how to master Instagram Stories for your business.  Class is held in West Chicago IL and starts on time at 9am. Click Here to Register.  I'll hold the class even if one person registers. You've asked at every continuing education class to have a hands on Social … Continue reading The Instagram Story Take Over Event

Leverage Video on Social Media

Creating video is easy.  Even if you don’t want to be on camera, you can build awesome videos.  Using today’s smartphone, anyone can be a videographer. The starting point: Create videos with your smartphone Keep the phone horizontal (unless you are on snapchat, messenger or Instagram live!) Pick a subject Write 5 to 10 bullet … Continue reading Leverage Video on Social Media

Drip Campaigns Saved My Life!

As an agent, I am overloaded with inquires, potential clients, future clients and the ones that need my attention right now.  Chaos was my best friend.  My daily routine was working in chaos.  I had to do something.  So I did, I started using a drip campaign system that freed up at least 2 hours … Continue reading Drip Campaigns Saved My Life!

Guaranteed Ways To Increase Lead Generation on Social Media

arketing online is extremely inexpensive. Maximizing online tools is a great way to build a real estate business if you are using social media, email marketing, drip campaigns and lead capture tools. The key to these inexpensive marketing tools is your “Call to Action”. Are you able to create a click-thru on what you’re offering? Do your followers want what you’re offering? How about your paid advertisement?

Run Your Business Like A Business Series for REALTORS® Tip One

Run Your Business Like A Business Series for REALTORS®  Tip One The best tip I can ever give is to “Get up, Get Dressed, & Get to Work and Start with Lead Generation”.   If you work better in the office go to the office.  If you can work from home, stay home.  If you get … Continue reading Run Your Business Like A Business Series for REALTORS® Tip One