7 Steps to a Digital Office

So, you want to go digital?  The beginning of the year is the best time to integrate something new into your real estate business plan.  Many real estate offices are taking the plunge into the paperless arena.   Many agents, including me, work out of our homes, cars and the local coffee shop.  Therefore, going digital is the best thing to do.  What does a Digital Office look like for Real Estate?  A digital office provides the ability to access documents and e-sign a document from any mobile device or computer.  Agents can do social media marketing, manage their clients and drip campaigns using apps.  Taking your business digital is easy.  It’s as simple as starting with the next transaction.   What might a digital office include:

  1. Online Transaction Management – a place to manage your transactions. Many products include document storage, emailing directly into a transaction, the ability to add clients into the transaction to they have access to the documents.  I like using Docusign Transaction rooms because it includes an e-signature tool, the ability to add office staff, transaction information, the option to fax, email, break apart a document and more.  My favorite is the ability to access any document from anywhere using DTR app.
  1. Digital Automation – This could mean many things. Digital automation might be your office phone service.  Using a phone service like Nextiva helps small and large offices accept phone calls from the office or any mobile device, transfer calls and build an automated option for transferring phone calls to the agents in your office.
    The ability to access your clients using a cloud based CRM like Lion Desk.  Lion Desk is a full-service Client Relationship Management tool that give the agent the ability to create drip campaigns, manage transaction commissions, video emails and more.
  1. Email Marketing – Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your entire database. Lion Desk can also be used for this purpose.  I also use MailChimp for my clients, open house emails, REALTOR® email marketing and more.
  1. Blogging – This is where I lost most of you. Blogging takes time.  As I write this message I think about the time I started blogging.  Writing 500 words for a blog everyday wouldn’t work for a real estate agent.  Unless you have a team.  There are many tools any agent could use to add blog posts without writing something new every day or every week.  I love the REALTOR tool HouseLogic.  This website has pre-created content that an agent can use to build their social media platforms or blogs in minutes.
  1. Social Media Marketing – SM marketing could easily be a blog post by itself. With that said, marketing your brand, listings and expertise via social media will take your brand to a new level. It is a must to compete in today’s market.  Agents have the ability to market their listings for little to no cost.  Share content and create leads using landing pages.  One of my new tools is leadpages®.  I use leadpages® to offer free downloads to agents and my real estate buyers and sellers.  Click here to download my free tips to building a social media presence. carries-slack
  1. Office and Group Collaboration – Are you working on a project in your office, maybe brainstorming with agents in a mastermind group.  If so, check out SLACK.  SLACK is a free team messaging tool.  Innovate and create with SLACK.  My favorite face to face tool is appear.in. This live face to face app or web version allows anyone with up to 8 people to have a private or public meeting.   If you have a private session with me, we will most likely meet in my in/smartgirlmedia room.  Knock, I just might answer one day.
  1. Back Office Communication – How are you communicating with your office? Before investing anything new check out your MLS tools.  Our MLS in Northern Illinois workplace-wordlogoprovides the ability to post upcoming events, meetings, and office information on the MLS Dashboard.  If you don’t have that option, consider creating an intranet page that is agent only access.  My favorite option is Facebook at Work.  Facebook at Work is just like having an intranet, a place to collaborate and a social media page for just your office.  Add documents, photos, live stream video, create groups and more.  This one is a must try for any business.

As I always say, start with one thing!  You can’t get it all done over night.  Integrate one new thing each month or each quarter.  Building a digital business takes time. If you try to integrate it all at once nothing will get done. Where ever you begin, all these great tools can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.  Do your research and make the switch to a digital office today.

The Social Media Lead Generation Code™

How many connections do you need to generation a new lead on Social Media?

Before jumping into how to generate a new business, let’s define “LEAD”.  A lead is anyone that has an interest in what you are selling or offering.  Real estate agents sell real property and we also sell who we are as experts in the industry.  Any real estate agent can generate a lead on Social Media if the right steps to are applied.

Where do leads come from?


These potential funnels can all come from Social Media. With that in mind, how many connections will you need to generate a lead on Social Media. The truth?  It’s up to you and how you actively use your social platforms. There is no secret formula but there is a formula for each real estate agent that actively engages on Social Media. The conversation formula on Social Media will be different for everyone. Let’s look at it like this. If you have only 100 friends on Facebook the likelihood of generating 100 leads is unlikely.  Why? Because you aren’t actively using the tool to build connections and networks. If you have 4000 friends on Facebook your reach is much stronger. The more “friends/connections” you have on Facebook the larger your network.  If you have 100 or 4000 friends on Facebook and you don’t engage with those friends, you won’t generate a lead. If you engage with a small or large number of “friends” you’re more likely to generate a lead.  Of course having a larger network provides more opportunity to generate a lead.

It’s just like attending a networking event. If you bring your business cards to a networking event, sit at a table, and do nothing, you will not generate a new lead.  The same is true on Social Media. If you only hire a company to post content to your Social Media pages on your behalf you aren’t building a strong network of potential leads and referrals.  In addition, if you’re never involved in engaging with your network, it’s like having your own library.  People will check you out and never spend a dime with your firm. You’re basically giving information away for FREE. Engagement on Social Media is more important than LIKES and content. It’s okay to have someone post on your behalf so you stay relevant.  But it’s also just as important to be involved with your social networks.  Own your social media platforms.  If you’re not talking to your friends another real estate agent will.

To generate more leads on Facebook or any social platform you must engage with your friends, networks, business followers and those that follow you.  If you simply watch Social Media, post content, and LIKE posts, you are missing out on an opportunity to generate a lead or new connection.  Sharing your own content is important but it’s just as important to be engaged with those that post on Social Media. The more you engage the more likely others with engage with you.  Then when you comment and build a feed with information people want to read those followers will engage with your posts.

Don’t just post information.  Go back to your pages and engage with those that engage with your posts.  Go LIVE on Facebook and share great content to encourage engagement.  When your network engages with you the more likely you will sit at the top of their newsfeeds.  And yes, you will generate a lead.  In April of 2016 I went LIVE on Facebook and my topic was, “Let Me Negotiate Your Down Payment”.  That post was only 2 minutes and generated 10 leads that resulted in 6 closed deals in 4 months.  If I can do it, so can you.

Lead generation is achievable.  Once you generate a lead the next challenge is acquiring that client.   The best agents are those that believe in home ownership.  When you authentically believe in what you are selling you are more likely to convert that lead into a client.   When you believe in home ownership it will be communicated to your clients authentically.

So, what is the Social Media Connection Code™?  The Connection Code™ is up to you.  Use Social Media on purpose.  Connect, engage, communicate, post videos, content that people want to read and “GO LIVE”!  The more connections you have on social media the more likely you are to generate a lead.


So You Say You Want a Real Estate Mentor

At least once a month I have the privilege of training 150 to 400 new real estate agents in Northern Illinois for our multiple listing service.  I enjoy speaking to the newbies because they are extremely motivated and ready jump in start working with buyers and sellers.  Whenever I teach I always provide a lead generation tip that can be used immediately.  Really, this is my way to get an agent to sign up for more classes.  Many new agents just want to know how find a buyer or seller without spending additional money in the first few months of their career. And what’s great about our multiple listing service is that you can find potential buyers, sellers, move up buyers, people that are likely to list, pre-foreclosures, a list of addresses from a specific subdivision and more.  If you can think of a way to generate a lead it can probably be found in one of the tools provided by Midwest Real Estate Data.   By the end of our 3-hour class I have agents that are ready to learn and I many are looking for a mentor.  I’ve been asked to be a mentor after, just about, every class.

So let’s talk about mentorship and what it really means to be a mentor.   “Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.” (Wikipedia)  The key word is “guide”. Many new agents need a mentor but they also need a trainer and or a Coach.  So before you ask someone to be your mentor think about what you really need.



mentorship (2)

Mentor – Someone that provides guidance to someone that is less experienced.   This person mentors someone that WANTS to LEARN.  If you are unwilling to learn it will be hard to work with a mentor.

Trainer – A person that teaches a skill to another.  (Webster)

Coach – “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goals.” (Wikipedia)  Coaching often differs from a mentorship.  A coach often provides tasks and objectives to the person being coached.  A coach can also follow up to keep an individual on tract to reach their goals.

So who do you need help from?  A Mentor, Trainer or a Coach?  You may need all three.  However, as a new real estate agent training is extremely important in your real estate career.  Learn the tools, learn how to generate leads, create a market report, how to negotiate and close on a sale.  Then once you have a working knowledge of the tools find a mentor.  Your sponsoring broker may recommend a mentor from the office.  Then, when you are ready, hire a coach.

Always remember the person you may want as a coach just might need to be your mentor.  The person you want as a coach may need to be your trainer.  And the person that you want as a mentor may be an awesome coach.

Revolutionary Tips to Farming Off-Market Leads

Off Market leads are a great way to generate new business or should I say, “New Listings”. Off market leads include cancelled or expired property previously listed in the multiple listing service. Agents that truly target off market leads are extremely consistent with their marketing. Ways to located off market properties include:

  1. Take advantage of your MLS off market search options to search for properties that expired or were cancelled.
  2. Expired properties expire at midnight. If you’re a night person check the list at night.
  3. Listing agents are often strategic when it comes to when a property might expire. I love the holidays.  From December 31, 2015 to January 2, 2016 I found 2094 expired properties in the MLS I am currently a member.  When I searched cancelled properties from August 15th, 2015 to September 30th, 2015 I was able to find 13,774 properties that were most likely strategically taken off the market.  Once our children go back to school in the fall, families decide to wait to sell.
  4. Are you using a tool called “Realist” owned by CoreLogic? Take advantage of this tool. You can download a mailing list in minutes.  Labels and a spreadsheet that can shared with your marketing department.
  5. Consider searching for expired properties daily. Many home owners are unaware that their home is off the market.

Marki Lemons-Ryhal and I shared our tips on Blab.  Watch the replay now.

Now that you have a new lead generating list here are a few ways to market to that potential seller

  1. Send a hand written note. Yes, it’s that simple. I would open a handwritten note faster than a letter that appears to be marketing.
  2. Create a direct mail
Information on the market Statistics on market time Has the market improved? If so, tell the seller in a DM piece
Tips to prepare for the next market or Spring market How to sell during the Holidays. Share relevant content in your Direct Mail Campaign then share the same content on social media.
Provide a Free download using www.LeadPages.net If you aren’t great with stats consider CoreFact
  1. Integrate your social media in your direct mail marketing.
  2. Take advantage of the new Cloud CMA Lead generation tool. What’s my home worth.  It will only work with your MLS for the area the MLS supports.  Click to view my link.  If you fill it out “I WILL GET A LEAD” J  Check out my lead generation tool and then create your own from Cloud CMA.  Don’t have it?  Go to CloudCMA.com.
  3. Cold Calling is not dead. Just don’t ask me to do it!  If you decide to cold call I recommend that you leave a message and provide at least three ways to be contacted Ie: phone, text or email.  Agents are hanging up.  If you are calling a cell phone we can how many times you called.  By the time the potential lead answers the phone you will definitely find out that you won’t get that listing.
  4. Remember “Stay consistent”. It’s taking 6 to 8 touches to generate a sale. In our case lead.


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Revolutionary Tips on Generational Marketing for Real Estate

Understanding how different generations are shaped will help you understand how to reach potential buyers and sellers when building your sales funnel.  How do these groups think? How were they shaped?  And How do they like to communicate?

  • The Silent Generation – (Born 1925 – 1942)
  • Some fought in World War II
  • Korean War or
  • Vietnam War

Consider the “Lucky Few” and a smaller group due to financial insecurity. Therefore, it caused families to have less children.   Why the “Lucky Few”?  This group is the wealthiest, healthiest and educated of generation elders than any other eldest group.  They have a net worth on average of $228,400 and have set up trust funds for their grandkids.

Baby Boomers – (Born 1946 – 1964)

  • Born after World War II
  • Grew up during the depression
  • More children born – The average number of children born per women as 3.09 post World War II.
  • The age of the rejection and redefinition of traditional values. This is arguable.
  • Also considered the “ME” Generation –
  • “As a group, they were the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time.[4]They were also the generation that received peak levels of income; therefore, they could reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even “midlife crisis” products. The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive.[5](Wikipedia)

Generation X – (Born 1965 – 1979)

The accelerated generation.  Considered to be highly educated, active, balanced, happy and family oriented.

Their worldview is based on change – “Mapping a Youth Culture in Motion, a collection of global essays, Professor Christine Henseler summarizes it as “a generation whose worldview is based on change, on the need to combat corruption, dictatorships, abuse, AIDS, a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance, and human rights for all. “ (Wikipedia).

Generation Y/ Millennials – (Born 1980 – 1994)  

  • Also known as the Millennials, Echo Boomers which refers to their size.
  • Generation Me shows signs of confidence, tolerance, a sense of entitlement and some narcissism. This is based on the Strauss – Howe Generational Theory.
  • 49% say the best years are ahead – Pew Research
  • High student loan debt and employment – Pew Research
  • Possible that the suburban Millennial will have helicopter parents

Generation Z – (Born 1995 – Present)

  • AKA: Post Millennial, iGeneration, Generation Tech
  • Growing up with technology
  • Very comfortable navigating social media sites and the internet
  • “innovative, entrepreneurial, and highly conscious of their futures and the challenges they face” Patrick Cooper
  • Considered to be digitarians because they’ve always been connected to the internet. The first generation to have always been connected to the internet.

Ok, now that we have history and some understanding of different generations, how do we market to each of these groups to capture leads?  How do they consume content? Each group is unique in how they consume content, when these groups view content, the type of content consumed and the times content is consumed.

Time Spent Consuming Content

  • 23% Millennials are consuming content 5 to 10 hours a week and 21% over 20 hours a week
  • 27% of Baby Boomers are consuming content 20 hours per week
  • The same is true for Generation X 23% are consuming content 5 to 10 hours per week

When is content consumed?

Generation X and Millennials are consuming content late evening between 8:00pm and 11:59pm at 35%. Where baby boomers are spending time consuming content early morning between 5am up to 11:59am at 18% to 22%.

What device is content being consumed on?

Overwhelmingly Generation X and Baby Boomers prefer to consume content on a desktop computer or a laptop.  Where Millennials consume contact on a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.
Types of Consumed Content

generational marketing

Of all the content available on line Blog articles and images are among the top two preferred methods to consume content among all three generations.

Marketing to the generations

After reviewing how each generation is shaped we can build a pretty good picture of how each group can be reached with marketing.  The silent generation is stable and will most likely read their mail and answer the phone.  Baby boomers are online but were not shaped by technology.  Therefore, traditional marketing is important when targeting this audience.  Generation X is considered to be highly educated, sense of tolerance and likes stability.  Millennials on the other hand are shaped by technology along with the soon to be iGeneration that will enter our market place.  With this is mind millennials and the iGeneration generation are more likely to respond to online marketing.

What creative ways will you market to these groups?

  1. Know your audience – Who are your social media followers? What is their generational makeup? Are they engaging or just researching? Ages 18 to 49 are on social media at 82%+. Ages 50 to 64 65% are using social media. What does this mean for you?  If you don’t know how your audience thinks you might miss out on a client opportunity.
  2. Silent Generation—this group will read their mail, newspaper & most likely answer the phone. They do research on social media.  Or what I call research.  Consume content in the morning.  Target them with traditional marketing use one image that conveys emotion.  Keep the marketing simple.
  3. Baby Boomers—this generation consumes content using a desk top or laptop. The content read comes from blogs, e-books, and reviews.  Baby Boomers also search online during the AM hours.  8am to noon.  This group places a higher value on face-to-face communication ad want to know what your business stands for!
  4. Generation X likes to read blogs, view images, e-books and case studies. They are most likely consuming content from 8pm to midnight.  The same is true for Millennials.  Avoid hard core sales tactics, make sure you are familiar with your market place with statistical data and combine traditional marketing with digital marketing.
  5. Millennials— Millennials are looking for referrals, they do their own research and will come prepared with questions they might already have the answers to. Have a strong online presence using blogs and social media.  Be quick to adopt the latest technology trends.
  6. iGeneration—This group is born from 1995 to present. The oldest group is turning 21.  Not quite ready to purchase but when they do this group will be extremely tech savvy.  They are quick with technology.  Get ready for this group and learn how to use digital technology.  Content Marketing to the Generations
  7. Social Media & the Generation –  Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials share content on Facebook, YouTube and twitter in that order. Facebook is ranked the highest. If your network includes the Silent Generation ad or Baby Boomers integrate direct mail with social media and digital marketing. Do you own research.  Check your social media insights.  What does the data tell you about your followers?


Actually Compete with High Tech Tools for Real Estate

Electronic signatures are changing the way we do business.  Agents have the ability to produce faster offers, complete listing paperwork quickly and work with clients all over the United States.  Below are my quick tips on how to compete with high tech e-signature tools.  Invest in an e-signature product today.

  1. Produce Contracts quickly— Have you ever been in a situation where you are sure you might end up in a multiple offer? If so, e-signatures are a great way to write an offer and get it signed in minutes.  Use templates to stay ahead of the competition
  2. Legible Documents— Using digital tools will provide legible documents. Get rid of the fax machine and scanner.  Using an e-signature tool provides the power to product clean
  3. Save Time & Money— no more running all over town to get documents signed. Send your contracts, disclosures and listing documents as a package.   Send the documents to signers In order.  Buyer 1, Buyer 2, buyer’s agent.
  4. Record Management—Makes retrieving a document easy. Tracks access, who signed and where they signed a document.
  5. Security—Tracks documents with a secure key. As long as you are using a product that provides certification.
  6. E-signatures are safe and legal— UETA Uniform Electronic Transactions ACT. ESIGN ACT Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce ACT.  Washington, New York and Illinois  have their own Acts.
  7. Assist out of State buyers and sellers—Are you working with investors, clients that live out of state, or clients that travel. E-signatures are a great way to complete documents without having to send an overnight package.
  8. Home Path and Home Steps and E-signatures – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will accept e-signatures.  However, make sure your client understands that if they chose e-signatures they must use e-signatures for the duration of the contract and future documents.



Buyer & Seller 2016 Goals

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we take time to set our 2016 goals.  Some of us put those goals in writing and many of us keep the goals in our heads.  The truth about goal setting is if you write them down you are more likely to reach that goal.  Forbes has a great study on goal setting from Harvard’s MBA program.  If you don’t know where you are going how will you get there?  If you don’t know how many listings or buyers you want in 2016, how will you know how much work is involved to reach your monthly goals?  Putting your goals in writing helps you put together a marketing plan, lead generation plan and a plan to get paid.

Let’s Begin With Clear Transaction Goals

  1. How many transactions do you want in 2016?
  2. Divide that number by 12 months.  That’s how many transactions you’ll need each month.  However, you might have more transactions during Spring or based on your specific market place.
  3. How many buyers will be a part of those transactions?
  4. How many listings will be a part of those transactions?
  5. What is your target price point? (advanced tip) 

Once you have these numbers you will then need to determine how many buyers and sellers you will actually attract each month. goals for 2016

  1. If you are a seasoned agent look at your 2015 transactions – which months were you busier months?  Buyers and Sellers
  2. Which months did you have more listings or buyers?  This could change every year.
  3. If you are a new agent or an agent seeking to re-build a business look at transaction history for the cities you work in? If January is a slow month you may not have many transactions.  If March is a busy month you may have more clients during that month or during the Spring Market place.

Keep it simple.  Your year might look like this:

If you are re-building your real estate business or a new agent select the cities you desire to target.  Look at data from 2015 then search for New listings per month, Total Active listings per month and Total Closed Listings per month.  When you have these totals you’ll know which months you’ll have higher lead generation opportunities. (review the example below)

Research Example – Naperville 2015 Stats:  Naperville, Illinois based on 2015 Data

In January 2015 for the city of Naperville, there were 782 homes for sale and out of that 314 homes were NEW on the market.   Of the homes that were on the market 119 homes sold in January.  When we think of buying and selling most agents focus on the Spring and Summer months.  Sellers also think of selling in the Spring for many different reasons.  The most popular reason for why sellers put their homes on the marketing in Spring is that kids are likely to be out of school during the move.  When we look at the InfoGraphic below we can view that there are less homes on the Market in January, February, March, October, November & December. Therefore, when goal setting for the city of Naperville an agent will have higher goals from April to September.
naperville info graphic
Setting specific goals for your transactions is up to you.  I challenge you to write down your 2016 listing and buyer goals by month.  If you would like my “Free Google Sheet” Click to Request it NOW! Then check your email for the download.
Share your transaction goals for the year with me on Twitter @CarrieJLittle or on Facebook at Smart Girl Media.  Don’t forget to join me on Periscope.tv/CarrieJoLittle for my live broadcast.


 Source – InfoSparks stats from ConnectMLS.  January 2, 2015

Go Paperless with MRED

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® is hosting their annual #TechFEST2014 in Downers Grove today, October 28th and 30th.  There are 5 power speakers and I get to be one of them.   During my first two sessions we will cover how to go paperless with MRED.  In an effort to go Paperless I’ve listed tools you may also consider implementing into your Real Estate Business as you transition to a paperless office.

Midwest Real Estate DataConnect MLS – Use the transaction management tool for every listing or transaction.  Whether you are on the list side or the buy side of a deal you can invite everyone into the transaction and give access to documents, log your events, message individuals and store documents for 7 years. (Sign up for MRED Training or Request an in Office Training) Jessica Ruminski is the Training Department Manager. Contact her directly with specific questions on Custom Training in your office for Connect MLS or Docusign.

docusignDocusign – An e-signature program. (discount below) This tool is integrated into ConnectMLS.  Your clients are able to sign a document while in your presence, in another state, from their smartphone or laptop.  “DocuSign lets you sign documents electronically and easily send documents for electronic signature in just minutes. Whether you’re in an office, at home, on-the-go—or even across the globe—DocuSign works every time. It’s safe, secure, and legally binding.”  Click NOW to learn more

pdf expertPDF Expert – by Readdle allows agents to annotate documents, highlight, edit, make notes and draw with your fingers.   This app is a great enhancement to docusign.  Many agents use this tool then send the document to Docusign. You may also sync your Google Drive or Drop Box allowing access to documents that many not be accessible in ConnectMLS

evernoteEvernote – This tool can be used on a tablet, laptop or virtually when you login at http://www.evernote.com.  There is a free version and an upgrade option.  I recommend investing in the upgrade.  Evernote is a note taking software program.  Take notes, photos, video, upload documents and more.   Click for a quick video on how to use Evernote.

Docusign Transaction Rooms – Just like ConnectMLS agents can use the Docusign Transactions Room AKA (DTR – formally Cartavi)  When you invest in Docusign you will receive the agent DTRupgrade that includes DTR.  This program allows you to store documents, invite your buyers and sellers into the transaction.   Agents can also choose to invite staff, attorneys, short sale negotiators, lenders, appraisers and others into the room.  This tool lets those invited into the room add and upload documents and choose who gets to view those documents.   This tool is an awesome enhancement to a team, brokerage or individual agent.

The first step in learning is awareness.  Now that you know what’s available for your business, start the Paperless process today.  Start with the next transaction or current transaction.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  If you need a paper copy, Keep it until you’re comfortable with your new paperless solution.  Start with Connect MLS.  You’re already paying for this tool whether you use it or not.  Don’t forget training is “FREE”, well sort of “FREE”.  You’re paying for training whether you take advantage of it or not.  So invest in yourself and your business today!  Don’t get left behind because you refuse to be a Tech Savvy Agent!

Docusign Promo for #TECHFest2014 below

  • Code:  MainStreet14
  • Provides: 10% off an annual plan for DocuSign for REALTORS PLUS
  • This is only valid for new accounts
  • This code can be redeemed when placing an order on DocuSign.com
  • Expires soon – don’t wait!

Are you a content creator?

Real estate agents find new ways to generate leads while sticking with the traditional lead generator tools.   In today’s real estate business agents need to take on the idea of integrating old school with the new.   Consider the following as you reinvent your marketing campaigns:

1.  Continue to work with direct mail. Know your target market and build a strong campaign that will generate leads

2. Update your social media platforms often.  If you have a new title, expertise or designation add it to your about me sections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.   Google+ is one of the best social media platforms.  Think about it!  Google+ is owned by Google.   If you are building this social site you are building your digital footprint on Google.

3. Add your social media web links to your direct mail pieces.   Invite people to connect with you.   Interact with your clients, potential clients and network in an online environment.

4. Let them know that you are the expert.  Create good “simple” content.   Content doesn’t have to be over thought.   Tell your visitors what’s happening in your cities you work and live in.  Become the news.