Social Media and Tech Courses

Snapchat for Business

  • The basics of Snapchat
  • The next generation is here, Why aren’t you?
  • Effective Filters
  • Upload your own images
  • Add links for  your website
  • Build a marketing strategy for Snapchat
  • Re-Purposing your snaps on Instagram and Facebook Messenger


  • Build your own graphics
  • Create drafts
  • Adding multiple images
  • What is boomerang and how to I use it?
  • Build a Story
  • Go Live and Build an audience
  • The power of #Hashtags


  • Using e-signatures
  • Are e-signatures legal in Illinois or all 50 states
  • How to set up an e-document
  • Creating templates (a great way to to save time, money and more)
  • Legible documents

Social Media for the Tech Savvy Agent

  • Building klout
  • Becoming the area expert using the top social media platforms.
  • Integrate social media into your current business plan and make it a new way to generate leads
  • An awesome course for those that have mastered Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

Get with the program, throw in the towel or find a real job!

  • If you’re not willing to use the latest technology you’ll be left behind
  • Do you really want to become listless because you refuse to change?
  • The top 5 products to manage a successful real estate business.

Advanced Social Media 

  • Power packed for the advance user
  • Integrating the top used social sites
  • Building a social media presence
  • Creating great content
  • Getting people to follow you
  • Build a place to encourage dialog
  • Integrating direct mail and social media
  • All hands on – agents should bring their tablets, cell phones and laptops

Intermediate – Facebook 

  • The purpose of a personal Page
  • The purpose of a Fan Page
  • Building a Fan Page and attracting new Fans “LIKES”
  • Creating content that engages your Fans
  • Managing your social media platform
  • How much time should “I” spend on Facebook
  • Integrating Social Media into your business plan
  • The best times to post
  • Let’s make sharing easy
  • All hands on – agents should bring their tablets, cell phones or laptops

Facebook – getting starting 

  • How Facebook works
  • The purpose of a personal Page
  • The purpose of a Fan Page
  • Creating a Fan Page
  • Now that I have a Fan Page what do I Share/
  • The best times to post
  • Let’s make sharing easy
  • No!  You don’t have to become an expert buy you do have to get SOCIAL!


  • Why should I Tweet?
  • Why should others follow me?
  • Who should I follow?
  • Get others to Join Your Conversation
  • Live “Let make our tweets count?
  • What should I tweet?
  • In the end you are what you share!

Digital Marketing

  • How to use Mail Chimp to market your business
  • Uploading an email list
  • Categorizing a list
  • Planning your e-campaign

Going Paperless

iPad training

Taking your business paperless.  The best ways to make sense of your business.  Great for the less tech savvy and the super tech savvy agent.   Carrie can customize the class based on your skill set.


Courses can be customized.  Carrie trains on the latest MLS products, Docusign, RPR, Digital marketing, Social Media, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Droid phones, iPad and tablets.

Request Carrie Today.  Contact Carrie at


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