How To Get A Real Estate Agent To Hire You As a Coach!

I’ve been a real estate instructor for 8 years and as I get more involved in the Real Estate Training industry I find that other businesses outside of our arena want to help agents build their businesses.   The top areas are coaching, digital marketing, prospecting and the opportunity to build their following on social media.

The question I hear is, “How can I get a real estate agent to hire me as a Coach, Internet Marketer, Social Media Expert, Etc”?  I believe if you’re good at what you do then, Absolutely, go after REALTOR® business.  When you do seek out a REALTOR® here are a few tips to help get you hired..

1. Have an understanding of the real estate industry. There are license law rules a REALTOR® must follow.  We adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. So do your research.

2. Generating Leads is important to an agent. How can you help an agent generate a quality lead?  Real Estate Agents don’t necessarily need to buy leads.  Agents may want to work

  • with their sphere of influence using social media.
  • Engage in the conversation and answer questions about real estate on Social media
  • Many like to tell agents to share listings, pictures of their closings.  But that might not generate a lead.  Make sure agents understand the power of engagement and providing great content to their networks.

3. Provide tips on how to build the agents online brand and their Digital Footprint.

4. Real Estate Agents have access to a wealth of Data, Big DATA!   However, most agents have no idea how to use this information.  Explain the importance of content marketing and how an agent can leverage their Multiple Listing Service, Provide statistical information on the market place and Share what’s relevant for the cities they serve.  Get creative.  Many agents are listing agents, or I only share my listings, on the internet.  Agents must understand the need for relevant content.

5. Attend Real Estate Events. Network with agents. The average age of a REALTOR® is 57 per the National Association of REALTORS.  If you are a digital marketer and you want an agent to hire you understand that there might be a technology gap. Those gaps include the extremely tech savvy agents and agents that are learning the technology for first time.  These agents are deciding which social networks, if any, they should integrate into their businesses.  Remember to work at the agents pace and survey their needs.

If you are truly interested in getting hired by a real estate professional take time to listen, learn and ask the right questions. We are always seeking help from industries outside of real estate.